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Restore and Renew Self-Care Event

Professionals Only

We pour our hearts and souls into providing services that brighten and uplift the hearts of so many people within our communities, now it’s time for YOUR self care time to nourish your mind|body from the inside out. 

During this event you will learn:
 Collagen boosting foods
• The science and power of intention & touch. 
• How to manage your mind and build a meditation practice. 
• How to elicit the relaxation response through breathing to lower stress. 
• Myofascial release \ ball-rolling to release tension from your neck, shoulders and back.

You will be guided in a 50 minute Deep Stretch Yin Yoga & bodywork session for deep relaxation. The setting of this practice is quiet, comfortably tempered, and dimly lit. Gentle sounds of relaxing, healing music will comfort and lull you and soothe you.  Whether you're inflexible and can't touch your toes or you are a seasoned yogi, this is the perfect class for you. No down dogs. No sweating. No effort required. All of the yoga poses are seated and lying down with simple, easy to follow instructions. Truly, no prior yoga or fitness experience is needed. 

Our intention is for you to restore your mind|body. The work you do matters. And the more we give, the more we need to receive. This reset will help strengthen your ability to be more consistent in doing the things that make you feel whole. 

Light refreshments will be served and everyone will leave with a self-care swag bag.

This event is led by Chanelle Camire. 
Chanelle (Sha-NEIL): has devoted her life to studying mind-body and lifestyle medicine. Her intention is to hold a safe space for people to heal and to continuously evolve into their most loving self. She is known for her soothing voice, empowering messages and uplifting guidance. Themes of her practice & teachings often embody but are not limited to evidenced based stress reduction, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, positive psychology, neuroscience, a space for grief, trauma healing, gut health, holistic skincare and the science of self care. 

Chanelle is the founder & owner of Sweet Balance Wellness located in Topsfield MA. She is a Licensed Esthetician in MA, Yoga Teacher - specializing in Yin Yoga and a Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She is also a wellness provider for the Massachusetts Municipal Insurance Agency. 

What to bring: Imagine that you’re going glamping. The cozier the better!
• yoga mat & 2 blocks
• blanket
• pillow
• additional options: eye pillow, crystals etc. 

We have a limited number of mats & blocks to share if you don’t have props. Please email us to reserve a mat. 


Date: Tuesday May 21st | 11am to 1:30pm

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