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Microcurrent Certification

Professionals Only

This eight-hour course is designed for licensed professionals who want to learn microcurrent facial techniques.

Microcurrent utilizes low levels of electricity that mirrors the human body’s own natural rhythms. This gentle technology is an effective non-surgical and non-invasive technique that assists with overall appearance and health of the skin and its benefits include increased skin tone, circulation, collagen production, ATP, and increased hydration with proper skincare products.

Each licensed professional will receive important background information such as a review of skin anatomy, consultation/contraindications, treatment protocols, map of treatment areas, aftercare suggestions, and business building tips to help their spa/salon implement the service.

Everyone will pair up and work on one another during this course. 

Date: Sunday, December 10th | 9am to 5pm

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  • Review of skin anatomy
  • Skin conditions and diseases
  • Concerns and contraindications
  • Safety and sanitation Review
  • Background on true microcurrent
  • How to correctly perform microcurrent treatments
  • Combining with other treatments
  • Client consultation