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Lash Lift Duo

Lash Lift Duo
Lash Lift Duo
Lash Lift Duo
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Can it be real? A two-step lash lift solution that is quick, effective, and economical. 

Our airless pump bottles dispense the perfect amount of lift and neutralizer for every client. Never worry about tossing full packets of unused product again. Once opened, one bottle stays fresh for 30-60 days due to the unique bottle design that stops air from entering. 

The processing time is 5-8 minutes for step one and two (make sure you cover lashes while solution processes for best results).  

You'll only need to dispense a pea-sized amount to cover the mid-shaft of lashes for each service. Each set contains roughly 12 treatments (when dispensed properly). 

One Lash Lift Duo Set includes one 4ml bottle of lift and one 4ml bottle of neutralizer. 


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