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Hand-held Ultrasonic

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A handheld, corded ultrasonic device for gentle deep pore exfoliations and product infusions. This device has a 25 KHz (25,000 oscillations per second) which provides deep skin cleansing and improved absorption of skin care products.

How does ultrasound improve absorption? There are two parts to this effect. First, ultrasound alone opens up temporary micro-channels in the skin allowing products to permeate deeper than normal. Second, the blade oscillations also help to “drive-in” topical nutrients. Both are pain-free and provide results that clients are able to see and feel during and after treatments.

Ultrasonic treatments can be easily incorporated into just about any skin care regimen. It is safe to use on all skin types and provides effective yet gentle exfoliations and product permeations.

An important aspect to remember is that frequency does not matter as much as the power output of a device. Just because an ultrasonic device is 28 KHz (or higher), it does not mean it is more powerful. If the device is not made properly and/or with quality materials, both results and machine durability will not match the standards of an ultrasonic device that is.

Includes one year warranty against manufacturer defects. 

Item may ship 3-5 days after order. Please inquire for details.