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Brow Threading Certification

Professionals Only

This course is designed for licensed professionals who want to focus on the art of brow threading. 

Brow threading is a unique skill where thread is used to pull hair from the root. It is an alternative to waxing/sugaring and is an option for those with sensitive skin or those who may be on medications that make waxing a contraindication. Each licensed professional will receive important background information such as a review of skin anatomy, consultation/contraindications, treatment protocols, aftercare suggestions, and business building tips.

You will pair up and work on each other. You will also need to have two models for hands-on. 



Date: Monday: October 16th | 9am to 3pm

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  • Hair histology
  • Skin conditions and diseases
  • Concerns and contraindications
  • Brow threading techniques and protocols
  • Client consultation & contraindications
  • Marketing/Business-building