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Brow Lifting (Lamination) & Tinting Certification

Professionals Only

This course is ideal for professionals who want to learn the newest technique to tame unruly brows, create a fuller appearance, and re-direct the direction of hairs for the ultimate brow service. The class is structured to provide theory and hands-on practical experience.

You'll also receive a brow lift kit with the training fee, so you can immediately implement what you've learned during the course.  Not only will you receive personalized attention during the training, but you'll also receive ongoing support as you build your skill and techniques.  

Everyone will pair and work on one another during the course.

Date: Monday, July 8th | 9am to 3pm

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  • Hair histology
  • Brow trends and correcting growth patterns
  • Concerns and contraindications
  • Brow lifting techniques and applications
  • Brow tinting protocols and how to combine with lifting
  • Client consultation
  • Marketing/Business-building