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Back to Basics: Facial Refresher Certification

Professionals Only

This eight-hour course is designed for licensed professionals who may be out of practice or out of the treatment room for a period of time. Often times, without a continuation of practical skills, it is easy to forget or lose proper techniques for the basics. This course may also be appropriate for newer graduates who are seeking more hands-on practical experience as well.

We’ll dive into the core basic principles of a facial service including skin analysis, extractions, exfoliation options, basic massage, and treatment plans based on skin type.

Each licensed professional will receive important background information such as a review of skin anatomy, consultation/contraindications, treatment protocols, aftercare suggestions, and business building tips.


Date: Monday, July 29th | 9am to 5pm

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  • Review of skin anatomy
  • Review of skin conditions
  • Concerns and contraindications
  • Safety and sanitation
  • Review performing skin analysis and consultations
  • Review of extraction techniques
  • Review of exfoliation techniques
  • Review facial sequence steps
  • Review client aftercare
  • Business-building tips