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Why Microneedling Should Be A Service You Offer

Why Your Spa Should Incorporate Microneedling

We always like to remind professionals that every state is different and you should always check with your board to see what they allow under the scope of your particular license. In MA, estheticians and cosmetologists are allowed to microneedle, as long as you stay within the Epidermis. 

Microneedling is not new, but it's still an in-demand and versatile service. If you're looking to add equipment to your practice in 2020, here's a few reasons why you should absolutely consider microneedling. 

1. You Can Treat A Variety of Skin Concerns

Do you have clients whose main concern is combating fine lines and wrinkles? How about clients with hyperpigmentation? Acne scars? In the past, you would need a variety of devices to achieve improvements for various skin concerns, but microneedling really does address a variety of the most common skin concerns from clients. 

2. Minimally Invasive/Minimal Recovery

Yes, you are piercing the skin with sterile needles, but all in all, microneedling is still considered minimally invasive. Some clients can tolerate low depths with no numbing agents, while others prefer to be completely numb. Even better? There is minimal downtime to the procedure. Oftentimes, clients are pink for a few hours afterward and may experience minor flaking a few days later. They can resume their normal activities after 24 hours, unlike some laser treatments that have a longer downtime. 

3. Low Investment, High ROI

Yes, you will have to invest in a device; however, most devices will allow you to recoup your investment pretty quickly. Depending on your device, the cost per treatment is relatively low, which means more profit for you. You can up-charge your service if you are using a growth factor product, like AnteAGE

4. Results

The results of needling are amazing and also allow you to build a relationship with your clients, since most treatments are done in a series. You can work on various parts of the face and body (add on a hand-treatment with a full face for a promotion idea). You can also work closely under the eye area (staying within the orbital bone) to help with darkness, crow's feet, and fine lines. 

This 74 year old's results were achieved by four microneedling treatments, spread one month apart, using AnteAGE's microneedling solution and daily application of the AnteAGE Serum and Accelerator.

5. A More Natural Approach

Microneedling creates micro-wounds and initiates the body's natural healing response to help build collagen. For clients who aren't ready to see medical professionals for filler or botox, this could be a a more natural alternative.  It is also an alternative to chemical peels for those who have allergies or sensitivities to products. 

If you're interested in getting certified, we offer certifications that are recognized by the Board of Cosmetology in MA. We can also assist with equipment purchases and helping you launch the service in your business. 



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