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Which is Right For Clients - Brow Henna or Tint?

Which is Right For Clients - Brow Henna or Tint?

“Brows are no longer considered a trend but an industry focus, becoming a major category in makeup. According to FCB Research, it is estimated that 50% of consumers will take care of their brows in their daily beauty routine versus 28% in 2015.” — Jared Bailey, Benefit Cosmetics global brow authority. Source:

With more and more people obsessing over their brows, you should consider offering brow services including brow lifts, brow waxing/threading, brow tinting, and brow henna. With so many options out there, how do you choose which services are right for your clients? 

Henna Vs. Tint

Although henna has been used for thousands of years in various cultures, it has recently become a major trend for staining brow hairs and even the skin below brow hairs. Henna contains natural ingredients that are derived from plants. In order to activate the staining or dyeing effect, you mix the finely milled powder with water. There is no harsh ammonia in henna, which some clients may be sensitive to. 

Tinting services are quicker than henna in the treatment room; however, henna's color saturation is richer, and lasts longer than tint. Tinting brows typically takes under 10 minutes, whereas henna can take 20-30 minutes.

Henna typically stays on brow hairs for about 6 weeks, dyes stubborn gray hairs, and can last on skin for about a week or so (every client's skin is different and can affect the longevity of the stain on the skin. For instance, do your clients use AHA's? Are they dry or oily?). Tint typically fades after a few weeks and only lasts a day or so on the skin. If your clients use oily products on their skin, henna may also last longer than tint for those clients.  

Since henna is created from plants, it has the ability to nourish and condition brow hairs. If your clients have brows that are in need of some extra TLC, then henna may be a better choice than tint.


So trying to decide which service to offer? There's honestly room for both henna and tint! For times when you need to work quickly or client wants subtle color, tint is a fantastic option. When you have more time or clients looking for a bolder, longer-lasting color, henna is a great option. 










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