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Treating Breakouts and Maskne

Treating Breakouts and Maskne

Are you seeing an increased number of clients with maskne? You're not alone!

With mask-wearing here to stay, we've rounded up some easy to implement ideas to help combat those client breakouts once and for all. 


One of our all-time favorite acne-busting treatments is utilizing an LED panel with blue light. LED, or light-emitting diode, was originally utilized by NASA to grow plants in space (pretty cool!).

Our LED panel offers four different wavelengths of light: red, blue, yellow, and green. The blue light in particular can be beneficial for clients with acne. The blue light kills acne-causing bacteria, can help reduce activity in the sebaceous glands, and has even been studied to help improve third degree burns. 

It is recommended to have clients sit under the LED blue light for a minimum of 20 minutes per treatment for multiple treatments to see the best results. 

Since clients need multiple treatments, consider offering a bundle of six treatments so clients will come at least one to two times per week for their sessions. 

LED is also useful to have in your treatment room as a final step to your facial. It is suitable for all skin tones and types!


Ultrasonic remains a tried and true staple in the treatment room. Ultrasonic emits high frequency waves to exfoliate skin and helps loosen debris/sebum from the pores without painful extractions. It can also help nourish the skin by allowing a water-soluble serum to penetrate deeper. You can customize the serum that is penetrated into the skin (we're bias, but our favorite just happens to be AnteAGE). 

It is gentle enough for sensitive skin, but effective enough for those struggling with acne. 


While we fully believe in professional treatments, home care matters most.  Are your clients wearing makeup under their mask? Encourage makeup on only half the face. Are your clients re-using the same mask? Make sure clients wash their masks regularly and only wear a cloth mask once before washing to limit the spread of bacteria. Is the friction of a mask causing acne? Encourage clients to wear a mask that is a softer material vs. a material that is more abrasive. When they are coming to you for a facial, suggest they bring one mask to enter and another clean mask to leave with. 

Our Clarifying Tea Tree Mask contains tea tree to help eliminate bacteria and a cocktail of calming ingredients to help sooth. We also offer a charcoal mask that detoxifies and balances skin. You can use these in your treatment or retail these to your clients to use at home. 

 Interested in having a few tools to help you treat client breakouts? Check out our limited time Banishing Breakouts Bundle where you can save on our favorite products. 



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