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Five Tips To Perfect Your Lash Lifts

Five Tips To Perfect Your Lash Lifts
Lash lifting is a great service to add to your menu and although the technique looks easy, it does require both skill and practice to perfect. If your lifts aren't coming out quite how you anticipated, here are a few tips to consider:

Lash Placement

Do you rush to adhere the lashes to the rod? Slow down to perfect your technique, speed will increase in time. Work in small sections to adhere the lashes. Take a step back and make sure you check your work from all angles. Make sure lashes are completely straight from the base and do not cross over or create a v-shape. Your tool should be able to separate lashes easily to help the process.

Rod Size

Didn't curl enough? Maybe your rod was too big. Too tight of a curl? Maybe your rod is too small. Remember to carefully measure your client's lashes to judge the correct size. Natural lashes should not extend beyond the top of the rod. 

Processing Time

Use your professional judgement to assess the time the lift processes. Thin lashes are more fragile and should be processed for a shorter amount of time. Thicker, healthier lashes may need to process a little bit longer. If you're not sure of the exact time, always be cautious and keep your processing to the shorter suggested time. We never want to compromise the natural lash. As a reminder, your solution should never be placed on the tips of the lashes. 


A lash lift can make a dramatic difference, but clients won't get the best results unless the lashes are fully dry. This also helps protect your work and the curl when your clients leave. Take a few extra minutes to gently comb lashes with a mascara wand upward while you fan from underneath. This will also allow you to see the accurate after results and assess the curl, since damp lashes are heavier. 

Educating client on aftercare

Aftercare is an essential part of the lift process. Lashes and their newly curled shape can remain vulnerable for days after the appointment. Make sure your client knows not to touch or rub their lashes, use oils near the eyes, or even sleep on them. Instruct your client to use a mascara wand to brush through to maintain the shape even after they leave and to always avoid waterproof mascara. 
Need a refresher or want to be certified? Don't forget that we offer lash lift courses that are approved by the board of cosmetology in MA. 

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