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This blog post was reposted from 7E Wellness

With excitement growing around the possibilities of Microcurrent facial treatments each day, there are also more and more myths floating around about this modality. Does microcurrent magically help reduce fine lines and wrinkles? Absolutely! That is not a myth. Does microcurrent make the muscles in your face larger? Not quite! That is a myth. Let's check out the top myths associated with this facial therapy treatment and get to the bottom of what you can expect from this technology.


The most common misconception of microcurrent users is that this modality will create visual contractions of the muscles in the face and / or sensations of heat twitching, vibration, shock or contraction. While some microcurrent technologies on the market do in fact create this extreme sensation, MyoLift™ technology is unique in that it issub-sensory (this is part of what distinguishes it as True Microcurrent™ technology). MyoLift™ microcurrent facials should not generate heat, make you twitch or make you feel like you are getting an electric shock.

Occasionally MyoLift™ users may experience some tingling, but generally this is a

microcurrent does not feel like an electric shock

sign that the intensity on the device needs to be turned down. With True Microcurrent™ technology, feelings of intense shock, twitching or similar discomfort are a result of overstimulation and may negate all the benefits you hope to receive from a microcurrent facial. Not only are these sensations a sign of lactic acid buildup, they are also a sign that Adenosine Triphosphase (ATP) may be decreasing instead of increasing. The boost of ATP is the key factor in stimulating collagen production, elastin production and other skin cell functionality that make a microcurrent facial so desirable.

So what should you expect to feel from a MyoLift microcurrent facial treatment? Relaxed! The cool metal ball tip probes will be maneuvered to pinch and hold different areas of your face in slow, gentle movements that allow the current to be transferred to the belly of the muscle in a painless, non-invasive manner.

A few sensations people often experience are the taste of metal in the mouth when treating the lip area and / or a visual strobing sensation behind the eyelids when working on the thin skin around the eyes. Both of these sensations are completely normal and should not be cause for concern. However, if you find either of these make you uncomfortable we always like to remind you to adjust the intensity on your device and see if that makes these sensations less noticeable.


schedule a series of microcurrent facial treatments, how many microcurrent facials do I need?

Another myth that has tailed microcurrent facials is that you only need one treatment. And it’s not surprising that people see this as truth, since facial lifting and toning results after just one microcurrent therapy treatment can be jaw-dropping. Yet again, this “one and done” concept is mostly a myth. Microcurrent facial treatments are always recommended as aseries of one treatment each week, repeated consistently for six to twelve weeks. While one microcurrent facial will lift and tone your face fast for instant results, these results typically only last up to 72 hours before your muscles release their hold. Remember: when you complete a series of microcurrent facials, you are strengthening your facial muscles consistently so that they can hold the lifting and toning results for longer.

It’s also important to be realistic about what results you can expect (and how quickly) based on your lifestyle habits, environmental factors, skin type, age and other variables. Results can significantly vary from one case to the next, but ultimately we encourage any microcurrent user to be patient and loving with their skin throughout their anti-aging journey. If you are interested in exploring more non-invasive and non-surgical facial lifting and toning techniques make sure youread our article on “Non-Surgical Face Lift Options”.


Did you think that microcurrent facials were only worthwhile if you were interested in anti aging treatments? Nope! This is another myth. Don’t get us wrong, one of the reasons microcurrent facials became wildly popular is because of their impact in anti aging efforts! But the benefits don’t stop there. There is quite along list of microcurrent facial benefits that aren’t spoken of as frequently. For example, did you know that MyoLift microcurrent therapy works to oxygenate the skin, creating an undesirable environment for bacteria to thrive in and reducing or eliminating acne breakouts? It’s true! Using MyoLift microcurrent facials is especially beneficial as a method of acne treatment when used with our silver threadedconductive microcurrent gloves.

What about balancing and improvement of skin pigmentation? Yep! If you are consistent with your microcurrent facial series of treatments you give your skin cells the opportunity to actively build ATP. As we touched on before, ATP stimulation is the big boss that re-energizes cell functionality, allowing it to brighten and even skin tone through processes like collagen production. 

hollow cheek treatment


Another false claim is that microcurrent can treat hollow cheeks. Unfortunately, microcurrent cannot treat hollowness of the cheeks. Microcurrent facials, while advantageous for plumping the muscles of the face, leading to tightening and toning of the skin, does not help in the treatment of hollow cheeks. Hollowness in the cheeks and face is a result of fat reduction typically occurring as we age. Microcurrent cannot add layers of fat back to the face.

Microcurrent can, however, aid by lifting sagging skin. When microcurrent is performed the facial muscles are stimulated and shift back up to a more youthful position. As the muscles are lifted and re-educated, the skin by default is lifted as well.


We know it might seem counterproductive to use one setting, like Erase, to elongate facial muscles for reducing wrinkles and then follow it up with Educate, to shorten and lift facial muscles. Don’t they cancel each other out? Nope! Erase and Educate settings do not cancel one another out. This is because we are not working all muscles the same way. If you pay attention to the movements we recommend for MyoLift, you’ll notice the movements used with Erase are quite different from movements used with Educate. For these reasons, the two treatment settings do not cancel one another out.


While a microcurrent facial will strengthen your facial muscles, it will not bulk

large face muscles microcurrent

them up. We often compare the process of microcurrent strengthening the facial muscles to exercising in the gym. There are a plethora of myths in the fitness and exercise world on its own, so it makes sense that those misconceptions would translate to our conversations with microcurrent. The muscles in the face are very delicate and are not like the muscles of the body which are larger.

In the gym, fitness and exercise world one of the most common myths is that

lifting weights will make you “bulky” or “big”, when in fact lifting weights is important for slimming down and toning your body. When we apply this to talk of microcurrent, the conversation is similar. Exercising and re-educating your facial muscles simply allows them to hold themselves in a more distinguished way. This healthier hold in the muscle helps our skin fall in a more flattering way on our face, as it does in our arms, legs and torso when we’re lifting weights at the gym.

Regular exercise ishealthy.For the muscles of your body and the muscles of your face. While there are special training plans in the gym for bulking up, gaining mass or otherwise increasing size, that won’t happen with regular exercise plans.

Rest assured, your cheekbones will not have giant biceps if you add microcurrent therapy to your skincare routine. When regularly receiving microcurrent facials the muscles in your face will be toned, youthful and healthy!



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