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Sunless Tanning Certification - February 27th

Sunless Tanning Certification - February 27th
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Monday, February 27th| 10am to 6pm

This eight-hour course is designed for licensed professionals who want to learn how to perform sunless and/or spray tanning services. Sunless tanning is a non-invasive service that utilizes solutions sprayed through an air compressor to deliver a safe and effective tan without the harmful rays of the sun.

We’ll discuss the ins and outs of the service in order to provide the most long-lasting results to clients. Each licensed professional will receive important background information such as a review of skin anatomy, consultation/contraindications, treatment protocols, how to use the equipment, aftercare suggestions, and business building tips to help their spa/salon implement the service.


- Review skin anatomy

- Skin conditions and diseases

- Concerns and contraindications

- Safety and sanitation

- How to perform sunless tanning

- Client consultation and aftercare

- Marketing/Business-building  


Monday, February 27th | 10am to 6pm


- Manual

- Certification that is recognized by Board of Cosmetology in MA


Everyone will pair up and work on each other. Please bring a dark bathing suit and/or undergarments with you for use during your spray tan. It is recommended to shave/exfoliate the day before. Do not use/wear moisturizer and/or deodorant. 

You may also be asked to have a model come for hands-on. We will email you to confirm (depending on class size). 

A mask is optional. Please bring one during hands-on.

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