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Stonhart Volume Lash Extension Bundle

Stonhart Volume Lash Extension Bundle
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This bundle is perfect for the lash artist who makes their own volume fans. Our Lash Extension adhesive is blended here in the USA and has a shelf life of up to six months, even after you open the bottle. The lash extensions are a rich black matte color, super soft, and hold their curl.

This bundle includes:

1 Tray B Curl .07 8-11mm

1 Tray B Curl .07 10-13mm

1 Tray C Curl .07 8-11mm

1 Tray C Curl .07 10-13mm

1 Tray D Curl .07 8-11mm

1 Tray D Curl .07 10-13mm

1 bottle of Get A Grip Lash Extension Adhesive - our best-selling, medium viscosity adhesive with a set time of approximately 1-2 seconds. 

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